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Whether your cleaning challenge is in the kitchen or garage, our cleaning experts are here to help you.  Below are some of the tips they’ve passed on to the readers of our newsletter.  Browse through them.  If you have a question that’s not answered here or elsewhere on the site, our experts would be happy to help.

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How to unclog your toilet by Mr. Fix-It

Lou Manfredini, Mr. Fix-It, was recently on WGN news discussing what type of plunger you should get and how to use it. He concedes, though, that you need quite a bit of arm strength to effectively use a plunger. As an alternative to a plunger that won’t harm your pipes, he suggests using CLR® Power Plumber®. Check out the video!

Getting rid of a tough clog

Rachelle from Madison, Ohio had just about run out of options in her attempt to unclog her laundry room washtub when she decided to try CLR® Power Plumber®. “I just wanted to praise your product CLR Power Plumber. My washtub in my laundry room which is also my washer overflow got clogged badly. After trying various products along with plunging it still would not drain. I also went out and purchased a drain snake which gave me no results. I really thought we would have to cut and replace pipes. As a last effort I decided to take one last look at the drain products. I saw CLR Power Plumber. Having past good experience with other CLR products, l thought why not? Went home and literally in the matter of 1 second my drain cleared and has been working amazingly ever since. This will now be my GO TO product. Thanks for making amazing products and saving me a ton of plumbing costs!”

Rachelle, I’m glad Power Plumber cleared your washtub drain. Since that tub is the overflow for your washer, that drain can easily get clogged. Power Plumber works differently than any of the drain openers you tried. Power Plumber relies on compressed gas to clear drains. When the formula in the can is released and comes in contact with water in your drain, it expands rapidly creating a standing wave. Power Plumber uses the water in your pipes as a battering ram pushing the blockage through and clearing the walls of your pipes.

Power Plumber can be used to unclog blocked sinks and tubs, slow-moving drains, double sinks, shower drains, floor drains and garbage disposals. Clogs can be cleared up to 50 feet away without harming plastic or metal pipes. Power Plumber will work on any clog including hair, grease, food particles or soap build-up.

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